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Weekend Retreat

3 Day Yoga Retreat at the Costa Brava in Catalunya

Treat yourself and move towards peace and happiness
during this Weekend Retreat at the Costa Brava


Retreat literally means the act of moving back. Withdrawing yourself from your daily life, by joining our retreat will give you the perfect opportunity to go back to your internal world, the place where you can move towards peace and happiness.


Our program will provide you with the perfect environment to let your body and mind thrive. Getting back to the basics of life, by focusing on your breath, practising asanas and getting familiar with meditation. This all is supported by a beautiful, calm and peaceful scenery and healthy delicious vegan food.


Yoga Retreat Program

It's especially designed to get in touch again with a part of yourself that we often misplace during our practical life full of to do's and fully scheduled calendars.
All activities are optional, you can always take a rest, fueling yourself the way you need.

Weekend Ashram at Más Julí

Mas Juli is nestled in a wonderfully exclusive oasis in the heart of Pineda de Mar, easily accessible from Barcelona. It is a fully restored farmhouse with more than 450 years of history, surrounded by over 4.000 m² of gardens and a swimming pool, all in one of the most stunning natural settings in the Maresme area of Barcelona.


The total value for this 3 Day Weekend Retreat to Recharge, Reset and Reconnect is priceless.

Book your place at the Retreat right now

Get your spot for €399,- ONLY.

This includes: 

  • Vegetarian (vegan optional) meals from moment of arrival until the end of the retreat (2x dinner, 2x lunch, 2x breakfast)

  • 2x overnight stay

  • 5x yoga class

  • Candle Light Meditation

  • Essential Oils Workshop

  • Opening/closing Ceremony

  • Access to Sauna


This does not include: 

  • Overnight stay in a single room, bookable for an additional €39 per night. Limited availability: first come, first serve.

  • Relaxation zen massage of 60 minutes avaialble on request. Reservation needed: frst come, first serve. 

  • Transfer to/from location. We can provide help arranging transport if needed. 




Owner of Hot Yoga Barcelona and with more than 15 years of experience teaching she always dives deep into the correlation between mind and body, and all its subtle ways of expression. She is known for her eye for detail and gifted with the ability to feel and understand each and every body without needing words. It comes as no surprise she is also a certified massage therapist and expert on anatomy and alignment. 



Well-known for her creative, energising while at the same time grounding vinyasa flows, Frederieke always pours all her love and energy into her classes. She makes sure each and every student is able to get out of their practice exactly what they need at that very moment. She will also be leading meditations, in which according to her students, her soothing voice helps trranscend you from your physical body to your astral and spiritual body more easily.



Some would say, you are what you eat. And that's where David comes in. he has an extensive background  in naturopathy, nutrition and years of experience in the kitchen. As chef at Mas Juli, David will make sure you´ll be feeling nourished and energised by serving his delicious vegetarian/vegan food. It's the perfect complement to recharge, reset and reconnect.

To your body, mind and soul. 


This is what our students say about the school and the Teachers of our Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Barcelona.

About teachers Miranda and Frederieke:

(...) the instructors are truly what kept me coming back. I got to take a variety of Bikram, Vinyasa, and Pilates classes with Miranda, Frederieke, Sergio, and Gustavo and I can’t thank them enough for how they helped me grow in my yoga practice. Not only are they so knowledgeable and interactive, but they were the most kind and thoughtful people. 


Hot yoga Barcelona makes me feel safe. The teachers are diverse, attentive and make me feel comfortable to explore all that hot yoga has to offer. They teach me about ownership, feeling balanced, taking a moment of self-care as a mom of two little ones. Every time I practice, I feel both mentally and physically refreshed. Practising in the studio makes me always feel better and able to face any issues of daily life more calmly.


It's one of the best studios I've been to-- super clean, calm, and with knowledgeable instructors who take the time to answer your questions. Each teacher contributes something different to the series of poses, and I leave class feeling like I've learned something. Moreover, there is a really friendly atmosphere.


They have a lot of classes every day to choose from. The facilities and equipment are super fresh. And most importantly, our instructor Miranda was super welcoming and friendly. She is a great teacher  and guided us very well during class in English/Spanish. Highly recommend this place. Thank you Miranda!


About our Studio:


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