Prepare for your day or seek relief from it at the end, Hot Yoga is the best way to renew yourself. Leave your anxiety or stress outside and come join us.



Sat 04/12: Vinyasa 60' @ 11AM only (ENG)

Sun 05/12: Bikram 90' @ 11AM only (ES)

Mon 06/12: Bikram 90' @ 11AM only (ES)

Wed 08/12: Bikram 90' @ 11AM only (ENG)

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A few safety requirements we all follow:
  • Reserve your spot prior to class. You can register and sign up for our classes by using the GymMaster app or via our website. You can also see the schedule at GymMaster directly. 
  • Classes will be open for booking 7 days prior to class.
  • Only 14 students are allowed per class.
  • Only people with a membership will be able to book. You don´t have a membership yet? Contact us by email or whatsapp. 
  • Any cancellation must be done 4 hours prior to class. If not, you will be charged for a regular class from your membership. If you are an unlimited membership holder or you are enjoying the 10 day trial, you will be prevented from joining and reserving for 4 days. Should you want to come visit or reserve within those 4 days, you can pay €12 to release the blockage.
  • There are 10 spots on the waitlist, if someone cancels you will automatically be accepted into the class, if you can't attend make sure you cancel asap.
  • The changing rooms are open. The women room has two showers available, the mens room has 1 shower available. Please maintain distance and be considerate when others are waiting.
  • You must wear a mask, carry your own mat and yoga towel on top for the practice. Place your mat on the allocated marks on the floor to maintain social distance.
  • Reception closes 10 minutes before the class. No check-in will be allowed after so please be on time.
  • Reception is open 30 minutes before and after class. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! In case of any doubts, please contact us by email or whatsapp. Click on the button above to Book A Class Now.

It is always good to prepare before starting any physical activity. We recommend arriving at the Hot Yoga Barcelona studio 20 minutes before class starts, giving yourself time to acclimatise to the heated room, focus on your breathing, do some warm-up stretches, or just lay and relax.

It is important for your wellbeing to remain hydrated, before, during and after class. A good idea is to hydrate up to an hour before class so you don't feel bloated, during the class as recommended by the yoga teacher, and after to replace lost fluids. After class, we provide a complimentary herbal tea station, which is always a good way to socialise and make new friends.

If you are new to yoga or have not practised in a hot room before, discuss with our staff at reception and they will be able to advise which class will best suit your experience level. Since the yoga room is heated, wear appropriate clothing, as you will sweat a lot.

A body size towel is a must to prevent any accident by slippery!

Occasionally a teacher may give gentle assistance in Hot Yoga class, either to correct a misalignment or guide you into a deeper pose. If you have any pains or injury or do not like being touched, please advise your teacher before the class begins.

Hot Yoga Barcelona reserves the right to change the class schedule as necessary.

Please refer to our social channels, website, or reception when changes occur.

Studio opens 30 minutes prior to class.

Sign in for each class will be close 5 mintues before the class start.